Comfort solutions for almost any building size.

Fujitsu Airstage VRF


Fujitsu Airstage Variable Refrigerant Flow

Designed for flexibility, with a wide operating temperature range, high capacity connections, and the world’s longest overall pipe length, the Airstage VRF family provides extremely reliable, energy-efficient comfort for almost any building size, from larger homes to large commercial buildings.

Our Fujitsu-trained support team also provides you top-flight, hands-on, live equipment training in our Fujitsu-authorized training academies, as well as expert design/build and technical assistance.

Advanced High Efficiency

Easy to transport, install, maintain and service, Airstage systems suit a wide range of applications, from education, healthcare, hospitality,  utilities, and office buildings, to apartment buildings, condominiums, restaurants, and more.

Superior Comfort

Developed based on years of insights and expertise in air conditioning, the Fujitsu Airstage series provides optimal comfort, high efficiency and reliability for all users.

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