Ventacity Helps You Bring in Filtered Fresh Air with an Easy Retrofit; Meet CDC Guidelines Without Compromise

Everyone is interested in getting back into buildings–employees, business owners, students, public officials, and landlords want this to happen as soon as possible. Even before the pandemic, we spent 90% of our time indoors.

Standard HVAC equipment is unhealthy because it recirculates the air. Occupants want to know that buildings are going to be healthy and safe before they go back. And they want to be assured that they will continue to be safe. We all breathe over 30 pounds of air every day, so many buildings become unhealthy as the day and week goes on. 

Fresh, filtered air is best. Ventacity brings in comfortable fresh air with an easy retrofit, to facilitate meeting CDC guidelines (at least 6 air changes per hour) without compromise. Healthy ventilation in buildings is no longer on a wish list, but a requirement today. 

Give your occupants confidence at work by making your building healthy, then keep your building healthy with Ventacity automation, using its Building Management platform to optimize the safety, energy, and comfort of your building.  See how it works

Air Purchases carries a full line of Ventacity Systems products, and offers engineering design/build and technical support, as well. To learn more, email Tim Conrad at or call 781-273-2050.