Ventacity is Now AHRI-Certified

Ensuring that HVAC/R products perform to industry standards ultimately leads to energy savings, environmental improvement and enhanced quality of life. But without proof these systems and components have been AHRI Certified®, you really don’t know what you are getting. 

To be certified, manufacturers’ products undergo rigorous testing by independent laboratories under contract to AHRI. Equipment and components are evaluated using the appropriate industry standard to certify that manufacturers’ published performance ratings are, in fact, accurate.

AHRI Certification means you and your customers can be confident that the products you are recommending, installing or purchasing are as great as they claim to be.

Congratulations to Ventacity Systems for achieving AHRI certification. We are proud to be the manufacturer’s representative for Ventacity in New England, and to provide expert design/build support. For more information, contact Tim Conrad or John Davison at 781-273-2050.