Cooper & Hunter Multi Position Air Handlers

Our Cooper & Hunter product offering just got even better with the addition of Multi Position Air Handlers! Now in stock at all branch locations.  

Cooper & Hunter offers a true multi position air handler that allows for horizontal, vertical or downward installation. Features include:

Intelligent Air Flow that lets you automatically and accurately calculate the required static pressure;

Anti-Cold Air function that prevents fan from blowing until the coil is warm so cold air isn’t pushed into the room on startup;

Auto Defrost to prevent the outdoor unit from freezing up;

Refrigerant Leak Detect that protects the compressor from damage by high temperature due to refrigerant leak, and much more.

Single and multi-zone models are also available in Hyper Heat for operating temps down to -22°F.

Call us at 781-273-2050 for more information and pricing, or download a brochure today!